After spending nearly 10 years working with one of the top carburetor modifiers in the country, I decided to go out and start up my own company, DC Carb. As a racer in the NHRA division of Competition Eliminator, we can not only provide you with a carburetor to fit your engine combination, but we also can help with combinations to help better your performance. In partnership with Bart Nelson, 2008 National Bracket Champion and multi-time national event winner in the super catagories, we can cover all aspects of your racing needs.
    Also, DC Carb has formed a partnership with Race Engine Development and David Cook Race Engines to even further cover any and all of your racing combinations. With over 15 national event wins and division titles, WE KNOW HOW TO WIN. WE CAN HELP YOU TOO !!!! No other carburetor company can do that.
    With the cost of gas rising daily, more and more people are looking to "fuel alternatives". E-85 is becoming very popular with alot of racers. DC Carb along with the Wyoming Ethanol Coalilition and it's race team developed some of the best E-85 carbs around. We got you covered.