Besides offering top notch carburetors, we offer a re-color system that will make your old carburetor look as good or better than it ever did. The photos to the left is a before and after on a old style 1050. All re-color prices include a "freshen up" (gaskets, needle and seats, diaphragms,etc.) and new hardware (bowl screws, N&S nuts and screws, etc.) Prices Start at $125.00
     In partnership with Race Engine Development, we also offer full dyno services. We have the latest HVAC system for the dyno system so the repeatability year around never varies. Prices start at $400.00
    With DC Carb, Race Engine Development, And David Cook Racing Engines under one roof, we also offer full race engine service.
DC Carb now carries a belt driven fuel pump. Call for details
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